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Úbeda owes its architectural richness to the encounter in the 16th century between the patron Francisco de Los Cobes y Molina, Secretary of State of Carlos V and the talented architect Andrés de Vandelvira, a native of the Sierra de Alcaraz, in the neighboring province of Albacete.

In the heart of this Renaissance pearl, Tuscany lovers will feel at home, so much so that they will think they are in one of its Italian cities. We recommend observing this magical setting at sunrise or sunset, when the stones are dressed in golden tones. Or better still, at night, when the city takes on another dimension with its monuments beautifully enhanced by beautiful lighting. It is at this moment when we are intoxicated by the illusion of having crossed an unreal world and an imperturbable stillness that has witnessed so many events, in this small isolated piece of countryside.

The Castilian expression indicates it: “To walk through the hills of Úbeda”, could mean “to be on the moon”. So continue reading and Don’t go away by the Hills of Úbeda!

La Redonda de los Miradores is the watchtower path that surrounds the town from which you can enjoy beautiful views of Sierra Mágina, the Sierra de Cazorla and, of course, the wide terraces of olive groves. This walk around the external perimeter of the walled enclosure of what was the old Hispanic-Muslim Alcazar was ordered to be destroyed in the 16th century by the Catholic Kings. Along this route you can also see several Islamic and Christian towers and wall paintings from the 9th to the 15th century.

In the heart of La Loma and in the center of the province of Jaén, Úbeda is a strategic point of passage between the north and east of the Iberian Peninsula. With a small university, the Regulatory Council of the Designation of Origin “Campiñas de Jaén”, the largest olive growing area in the world and various administrative services, Úbeda grows at its own pace and acquires its own colors.

It is undoubtedly an excellent destination in a region still largely unknown to many. It will have something when Joaquín Sabina or Antonio Muñoz Molina were raised among its streets.

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Amazing Guides. Find the perfect destination with an Official Guide

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