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Plasencia is an important regional municipality at the crossroads of the central limestone mountains and the ancient plateau of Extremadura. The historical fortified city is built on a rock that borders the Jerte, at the foot of mountains bristling with granite blocks. It has preserved many Renaissance buildings and a remarkable cathedral. Plasencia is a pleasant stopover to explore the Vera region, steeped in Mediterranean charm.

The magnificent cathedral of Plasencia is two in one. The 16th century New Cathedral is a mixture of Gothic-Renaissance with a beautiful Plateresque façade, a 17th century altarpiece and intricate choir stalls carved in walnut with seats dedicated to the Catholic Kings. Inside the Old Romanesque Cathedral there are 13th century cloisters surrounding a fountain and lemon trees. The octagonal St. Paul’s Chapel has a dramatic 1569 Caravaggio painting by John the Baptist, a religious museum and an arched Romanesque portal.

The life of Plasencia flows through the lively, arcaded Plaza Mayor: a meeting place of 10 streets plus numerous bars and restaurants. The cheerful figure that stands out in the clock tower of the city hall building is El Abuelo Mayorga, a 70s replica of the original 13th century and considered one of the symbols of the city. The town hall also has a coat of arms of Carlos I.

But Plasencia is much more… the Palace of the Marquisate of Mirabel is a must see. Also the Interpretation Center of the medieval city. The best preserved defensive tower of the old city wall, located at the top of the old town, tells the history of medieval Plasencia through videos, models and artifacts and allows access to a piece of the wall that can be walked.

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Amazing Guides. Find the perfect destination with an Official Guide

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