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Amazing Guides. Find the perfect destination with an Official Guide
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Guided tours are exclusive experiences created by our guides to surprising places, at unusual times or that include surprises that you would not find on any other tour. Dare to experiment!

No, each tour is a different experience created by a unique official guide, and you can only do it with him. Their years of experience and knowledge mean that they can create tours and content completely different from what you expect.

Of course. You just have to contact him and that way you make sure that what he is going to offer you you like and you are going to enjoy it. You can consult any guide at any time, without limit. So you can choose your perfect guided tour. Or you can also generate more doubts about which one to choose…

Because the prices will be negotiated directly with the guide. At Amazing Guides we do not have fees for travelers, nor do we charge for putting you in contact with the guides. We only make sure that the guides are certified, and you contact, negotiate prices, close dates… whith them. We only put the web so you can find them.