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It is not surprising that UNESCO chose Granada to declare the Albaicín as a World Heritage Site, nor that the Alhambra was a candidate to become one of the seven Wonders of the Modern World. Because the historic neighborhoods of Granada have an unparalleled beauty and charm and its narrow streets have preserved for more than a thousand years its intimate and cozy character that transport us to a completely different world.

Strolling through the Albaicín and discovering its cármenes, getting lost in its corners and suddenly finding impressive viewpoints, and admiring the history in every corner is the daily life of this city.

But Granada has much more history. Neighborhoods like the Realejo show us the Garnata al-Yahud or Granada of the Jews, a neighborhood located at the foot of the Alhambra full of life and activity both day and night, and the Sacromonte, world famous for its privileged views of the city, its famous cave dwellings and for being the cradle of the purest flamenco, art that we can discover in its zambras or even in the same streets and terraces of the neighborhood.

We could list thousands of streets, details, corners, points where you can see the intense red of the sunset illuminating the Alhambra, walks through the city where you can feel the spell of Granada … but nothing compares to discovering where they really are. 

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Amazing Guides. Find the perfect destination with an Official Guide

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Amazing Guides. Find the perfect destination with an Official Guide

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