Granada weird food

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Tour lenght:

2 h. 30 min.

Route type:


Maximum group size:

Max. 5 people

Languages spoken:

Spanish, English, French

Your guide: Marina Jiménez

About me? I am a foodie, art, rock, hiking and languages lover. I consider myself an empathetic, fun and open-minded person.

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What is Granada weird food tour?

When you visit a country, one of the best ways to know it is through its gastronomic culture. The way locals sit at the table, share food, and use certain types of food is critical to describing who we are. A fundamental character in our culture, Don Quixote, already said: “when you go to Rome, do as you see” (Don Quixote II 53). In English there is also a similar saying: “When in Rome, do as the romans do”.

Therefore, during the Granada weird food tour we will taste typical dishes that not everyone dares (even many Spaniards), but once you try them you will not want to stop, they are delicious! We can taste the “tripes” with chickpeas, pig trotters in sauce, snails and other specialties. As a Granadan… I know the best places to have tapas!

We can stay in the same bar if you like, or if you prefer, we will walk around the city to the next bar to try other tapas. It is also a Granada tradition to have a couple of tapas in one bar and switch to another. What we call “going for tapas”. Do you dare with the Granada weird food tour?

Meeting point:

Plaza del Carmen (Town Hall Square)


· 3 Drinks: red or white wine, soft drinks or typical drinks that I can recommend (alcoholic drinks not included)

· 3 “Bizarre tapas”: you can choose them from the variety of the bar

· Historical information and curiosities about Spain, Granada and the dishes we will eat.

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