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Become an amazing guide and get customers without looking for them

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You will speak directly with the guide you select. From the beginning and at no cost. It is as simple as choosing and contacting.


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We check each of their professional licenses and that they have experience to spare. Each guide is certified so that your trip becomes something to remember.


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Become an amazing guide and get customers without looking for them
"At first I thought: it can't be that easy. But yes, it is: you choose a city, you choose a guide, you contact him, you agree on the price and that's it. And without being asked for anything. I will use this service again every time I travel. "
Juan Conde · Google comment

Become an Amazing Guide

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At Amazing Guides we do not charge you commissions of any kind. You just have to search for the destination you want to visit or the guided tour you like the most, choose one of the official guides in that destination and contact him directly. No registrations, no commissions, no expenses.

The Amazing Guides guide selection process is very strict. Only certified official guides are admitted, and we check one by one that they have an official license and experience as guides. This way you avoid surprises and you have the guarantee that your trip will be an unforgettable experience.

Once you select a destination you will see a list with all the certified guides that work in it. You just have to choose one (or several, if you want different offers), view their profile and contact them directly. You do not need to register, or give us your data, or search for anything. As simple as choosing and contacting.

Of course! And, more than this, we recommend that you do so, since each official guide has its own routes, its conditions, its prices per experience… in this way you will ensure that you choose the tourist experience that best suits you and that you will enjoy as you wished.

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